Want Kaye to Skype with Your Book Club?

If her schedule allows, Kaye would love to chat with your book club about her books and writing process. (And just general girl stuff if you want!) Just email her at kayenewtonbooks@gmail.com.

Want Kaye to Speak at Your Event or Conference?

Kaye loves to speak about her writing at meetings, events, and conferences around the country.

Some of the points she touches on related to Incision Decisions, her guide to surgery, are:

  • how to manage pre-surgery anxiety
  • the best ways to organize meals and offers of help before an operation
  • ways to stay safe in the hospital
  • how to recover well at home

Kaye also speaks about literacy and practical ways parents and grandparents can get kids to put down the screens and pick up a book.

To inquire about having Kaye speak at your event, please contact her at kayenewtonbooks@gmail.com.

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